Obscure references

So this week has been a little rough to say the least.  Most of it I cannot share but I will say this, it is with adversity that you know your real friends.  Anyway I digress.

I want to say this I have read the budget in it entirety twice.  I am quite shocked and appauled at it.  To say the least this government seems hell bent on extracting as much money from the Jamaican people as possible.  I really want to ask a question.  When is the JLP gonna wake up and start speaking about the crisis that the PNP is putting us in?  TAX pan tappa TAX. How do we even survive in this economy…. Rum going up, JPS going up, Gas going up… Mi a tell u we Jamaicans love a rass beating… and we take it with a smile. CHO!

As usual on to lighter subjects. I really love to see people that I know try to read me.  Stop it you can never succeed. I have for years decided to shroud myself in an impregnable force field. Straight fyah fi unno!

I must say that overall im happy. Stressed but happy… I am trully blesssed, I have health strenghth and love inna mi life. Thank you to the almighty to for my small blessings.

Finally my list…. this time is will be 5 obscure references and for those who get them yes they were meant for you.

  • MUVICO and IHOP…. Hmmm
  • Sept 27th
  • DKNY
  • Geisha
  • Signature

Enough said… Oh the next post I will refocus and the title of my blog ” Where is the real Jamaica? hmmm maybe a video post

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What! you read poetry?

HAD I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,

Enwrought with golden and silver light,

The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night

and light and the half-light,

I would spread the cloths under your feet:

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;

I have spread my dreams under your feet,

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

W. B  Yeats

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Play I some Music!

“Play I some music, strictly reggae music!”

Well I am in the middle of watching the new Bob Marley documentary called “Marley”.  I must say so far I’m a little disappointed. I would have hoped that it would not have been just another documentary. Well it is. I would have hoped for a true movie with a storyline.  It is my opinion that Bob’s life has so many interesting stories interwoven in it that even one, would make for an incredible story.

The one thing I really like about the movie is the vintage footage of Jamaica.  Wow I really live in a beautiful land filled with interesting scenes and more interesting people.  I will though not give a full review of the “movie” I will leave that up to my very capable fellow blogger @mamachell.

On to other things. I find that of recent I am in a militant mood.  I’m not really sure why but I just am. I would not say it is accompanied by much grumpiness but I’m happily militant. The question is why?

I’m not quite sure but I think for the most part it’s the skylarking nature of a few people that I know.  These are serious times we live in.  We should all be banding together to make a difference.  I find that so many people sit and play life like it’s a game of chess.  Always strategizing as to how they can one up the people that surround them.  Why can’t we just live in love? Support each other and make life be nice?

I know that my view on life is one that is not really realistic. However I will maintain it.  I truly believe that people for the most part are good and it is only after time and experience that we get jaded and start to play chess.  Well I will not!  I am who I am, I do what I do and I’m sorry for those who do not like it.  I can be nobody else but myself.  Yes I can be loud and obnoxious, yes I can be quite, yes I can be arrogant, yes I can give too much of myself.  But guess what mi nuh care!

Moving on… list for this blog entitled “what am I doing”:

So here are 8 random things that I’m doing

What am I drinking? Red Headed Slut

What am I eating? Chicken Fried Rice

What am I Reading? My secret life

What am I pondering? Colouring my hair again

What am I using? Android phones

Where am I looking forward to going? Castleton Gardens

Obscure reference? Olivia Munn

What am I surfing? Vintage pictures of Jamaica

Anyway I’m gonna get back to work and also finish watching this movie…. Multi-tasking mi seh. Oh off on the side. Rest in peace Aunt Amy… I will drink a beer for you…. Thanks for the many memories… two words “Hurricane Gilbert.”

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Lunch anyone?

So I am in a pickle!  I really have a mind fi move go a Portland!  Mi really nuh like town.  Cho!  Anyway I realize that I may have lost my way.  Yes I know, I know.  The whole reason for this blog was to find the real Jamaica. Massa let me tell you something its becoming more and more elusive.

I have found that I am becoming more and more nostalgic about Jamaica and our culture.  I often get into these conversation about “Remember when?” Yes I do remember the light 1 cent coins.  Yes I do remember Wilfred’s patties.  Yes I do remember a true snow cone with lime in it. Yes I do remember Coconut Park.  However let me push that aside for a moment, no matter how tempting.  The question I put to you my “reader” is this.  Do you explore the Jamaica of today?  Have you been on the Bob Marley museum tour?  When last you go downtown and have lunch on the water front?  How about Dunn’s River? Did you know the entrance fee for resident Jamaican is very low?  When last you just bungle up the “family” and tek a Sunday drive to Castleton Gardens?  As we approach lent and we all contemplate what we giving up, I challenge you (and me) to give up farin.  Not only eat Jamaican but be Jamaican.  If it’s a drink its Rum and boom.  If its vegetables its Callaloo. On a Saturday its Hope Zoo with the kids.  If is shopping its princess street. Go this month to a local play.  How about we all make a trip to Hollywell?

As the new Slang goes “A yah so nice!” See you in and around Jamaica for the Lenten season.


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As usual I delay..

As usual I delay and as they say “Lay Lay” with my blog posts.  Well here I go.  It’s raining here at home and even though I have crazy work to do, I figured hmmm let me do a little writing.

chess.jpg (604×453)Life is very funny.  In the past few weeks I have come to the profound understanding that life and living is much more like a chess game.  It’s not that I did not know this before, I just was hoping that it was not so.  Why can’t we all just speak from the heart and worry not about the consequences? So many times I sit and see the social chess being played.  What are you wearing? What are you driving? Did you spend today? Did you acknowledge me? These are just a few of the questions that I see our people asking whilst in the social arena.

Let me take this time to clear a few things with those that I see in the arena.  I don’t play chess very well in fact I don’t play it at all. With this in mind, I don’t place my “pieces” in such a way as to garner a result 5 or 6 moves ahead.  Let me give you an example.  If I call you to check in on you is simply because I want to know how you are doing.  I am not trying to sauce you up so that you will come to my dance later in the year. So to wrap up that point, I try to be super genuine…. If mi nuh like yuh a just soh.  However if we are cool we are cool. Period the end.

Shift gear, one of my most favorite bloggers is @mamachell and her blog is  Let me tell you why she is one of my favorite in simply one word; honesty.  Her posts are straight forward and crisp without being over bearing.  Even when she is ranting she lets you know how she feels without handing you her baggage. Thanks @mamachell for all the chuckles and insight to your crazy world.  Keep up the good work.

Shift again. This may be a little crazy but now that I have started cooking again I have discovered the wonders of powdered coconut milk…. Yea  yea I know fresh is better, however dat ting is maddddd. Yep that’s maddddd with 5 d’s (big up chi ching ching) I use it with everything. Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, curry chicken, brown stew chicken etc.  I simply love it.  Now it is my earnest feeling that it is the major contributor to my weight gain however I will fight for my love of coconut milk.

Cherry-Blossoms-Tattoo.jpg (500×386)

Cherry Blossoms

Final shift is to tattoos. I have a few, ¾ of which were badly done.  However…. Hmm let me back up a minute.  Last year about this time I saw this “white girl” (is that prejudice hmmm) she was filled with the most elegant tattoos.  She was like a walking canvas. Now I know in my generation that many of us have one maybe two small tats, but few of us go for the large pieces. I will say this to all who will listen, go big or go home! On a woman I love large colourful work. Now don’t get me wrong there is still a social stigma and I get that but as far as I’m concerned they are amazing….. Go for it.

In closing, as usual I will pass on a few tidbits:

  • I am just about off the blackberry juice so if I don’t respond to BBM link me on di whats app.
  • I will say that I have simply fallen in love with Android phones.
  • I have high hopes for 2012 so paraphrase former president Bush – If you are not with me then you must be against me.
  • To my kids my love is ever present no matter what dem seh!
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Xmas Breeze

Well I sit here and si dat mi sistrin @nyree_ja just posted a new post on her blog  mek sure to check it out.  It got me a thinking.  I have not “posted” in a minute.  So here weeeee gooooooo

Topic: The Approach of Christmas.

Just like the great many Jamaican’s there is nothing better than Christmas in Jamaica. Let me think…. Nope nothing better. What really makes it so great? It’s not one thing, it’s the combination of them all.  In View of this I have compiled 2 top lists for Christmas. One list encompasses what I think are the main ingredients that make Jamaican Christmas simply the best.  Here is list #1 in no particular order

  • Cool breeze blowing through Stony Hill and even is better with the fog.
  • The Christmas trees for sale at mall plaza.
  • Office party after office party.
  • All work comes to  halt on December 17th
  • In one word “Johnkonoo”
  • You are now allowed to mix Appelton Special with Everything.
  • Christmas not being about the shopping but a about family, friends and fun.
  • The only place that I hear Frank Kelly on the Radio.

My second list is all about me… some you may get, some you won’t.  This is a list of simply my best Christmas memories both here and abroad.

  • The almost life size, lit black Santa that was put outside every year.
  • Mama’s Toto.
  • Boxing Day at Mama’s House
  • Caroling at Aunt Audrey every year.
  • Putting together Justin’s first bike on Christmas Eve in the cold
  • Yes I used to eat pork… the best part is the Christmas Cracklin.
  • Two Letters PD
  • Sting 1996
  • Mom’s Yam and cheese
Feel free to share your lists…… link mi on my twitter @jamaicanZ

With that said I must admit that this year will be very very tough for me.  Yes I’m here in Jamaica however all mi kids will be away from me! Wow I had to pause for a moment……. Okay pause over… I will promise you all this….. 2012… we will all be together again.  Who don’t like it, tell mi fram now so di war can begin early!

To my Miss D hold your head up mi soon come fi you…. nd it will be just me and you.  Sport mi ago sport My Miss D… simply the most beautiful, intelligent, funny young lady I know.

In closing I want to say top of the season, not to my friends, cuz you k now I got much love for you.  I want to say top of the season to all the hypocrites, lyaad dem, fren-enemy, information leakas and in general all dip ppl who try fi fight me…. MI still deh Yah…  a special merry Christmas to the one who  a do what you know dat you nuh supposed to a do. You tink mi nuh know…. Seet yah mi know.

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Bad Mind activated?

Well first I would like to offer my apolgies.  I know I have been missing from the blogging world for some time now.  However i have been reading others (check out my blog roll).  Ayway, for those who have been reading from the start you will know that my original theme was “Where is the real Jamaica and my journey to find it.  That journey still continues, but again I would like to divert for a minute.  Yes I know again.  In the last few weeks lots has been going with @jamaicanZ. (Pronounced JUH-MEY-KUHN ZEE).  At the top of the pile, was that I was able to spend a few weeks with my daughter @daniellex3_ here in Jamaica.  I can say this, she is truly my heart and I thank her for keeping me grounded every day.

On to what is on my mind. Let me declare my hand upfront. For most of my adult life I would be described as what most women would call a “HO”.  My moniker was that all men cheat, and the ones that don’t, just have not had the opportunity to do so.  Generally speaking I still think that this is a true statement.  Now I know some will disagree but you have not seen what I have seen in my few years.  I will not regale these stories here because I want to protect the so called innocent.

The question is now, does that statement apply to me. I will say this with no reservation, that it does not. Yes, yes don’t be shocked.  I am now a reformed man. I will say this; I never really wanted to e a cheater however I was just put in some crazy situations that I could not resist the temptation. What is different now? Well I’m plum tired.  I don’t want to live that lifestyle anymore. I want to be happy, and content with just one person.  Luckily, I am. I have found what I have always been looking for. The funny thing about it is that it was right in front of my eyes for 12 years and I could not see it.  Thank you pretty girl in the yellow swimsuit for not only putting up with me but waiting. I am eternally grateful.

Moving on to the other end of the spectrum.  Bad mind is defined as”A person who holds grudges and repays them. Evil, cold personality, spiteful. I don’t think that this definition goes far enough.  I can tell you this. I in the most recent few weeks I have seen bad mind being activated all around mi.  I tell you it has come from the strangest of places and for the strangest of reasons.  All I can say is dis… activate unno bad mind all unno want cuz mi nuh care unno can’t stop mi. And if yuh tink mi nuh notice I see you clearly… I’m not gonna ask you to tek mi name outta yuh mouth but I will say this: “Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and simple minds talk about other people!”

I digress…. My final conversation piece is oddly coffee. Now let mi ask unno sumting. Why is it I cannot just get a good cup of coffee here in Kingston? Everywhere I go it is mediocre at best.  I need a good couple shots of cafecito with a café con leche on the side… hmmm yummy!

My recommendations this month are:

Undiscovered place:- Muffin Tops @ cinema 2

Do read:- Game of thrones book 1

Do have:- a slushy before the summer ends

Do send:- somebody a hand letter, no not an email, bbm, or IM.

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