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Manners are defined as the following:

A. The prevailing customs, ways of living, and habits of apeople, class, period, etc.; mores: The Novels of Jane Austen are concerned with the manners of her time.

B. Ways of behaving with reference to polite standards; social comportment: That child has good manners.

With that said it amazes me that as a generation we have lost our manners. What happen to Good morning, Good Night and how are you? My mother has always said to me that manners can carry you a long way. I blog about this situation, because I’m just sick and tired of my people being so in tolerant of each other.

I make it a point to notice everyone who crosses my path. From Mrs. Richards the security guard at the shopping centre to Mike the gas station attendant. I will tell you something. It has gotten so bad that when we ask somebody “How are you?” we no longer wait and really listen for a reply. Why is this? Is it that we have become so darn self centred that we don’t want hear about each other’s lives. Is it that we have become so that “twittered” that we simply don’t care.

Well I ask you, no I challenge you to stop for a moment and look outward. Let’s be mindful of how we treat others. Let’s be polite, and full a manners. Let’s listen more and talk less. Let’s learn from others even if it’s just for this week.


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Back to the point

Well back to the topic at hand. Where is the real Jamaica.  For this post I ask you to ponder this,  Is the real  Jamaica truly a place or is it a state of mind?  Maybe I’m just getting “ole” but  I seem to always be having the conversation with my friends and associates about old time Jamaica. You know how it starts. “Yo yuh memba roller stating at Skateland in Half-way-tree?” (Am I dating myself?) And off we go, talking about anything from Paradise Plums to toy truck’s made out of empty box juice cartons.  I love these conversations, as I have become very nostalgic.  I truly enjoyed my youth in Jamaica.

So here is my point.  Is the real Jamaica in our mind?  Or to put it another way, Is the real Jamaica in our memories?  Now there is strong evidence to prove this.  As we all get older we tend to look at the past as the good old days.  We say “Dem pickney nuh know Jamaica!” Then we give the list “Dem nuh know bout Millsborough, or Paddington Terrace.  Dem know bout $25 drink all night? Dem nuh know when independence inna ochi was Independence inna Ochi!”; “A wonda if dem eva even  know wat a gas riot look like?”  I could go on and on, but I wont, unno know what I mean.

Now let me ponder for a minute (tick, tock, tick, tock).  Jamaica in my mind is a real place, but only in my mind.  Cuz in each of our minds, Jamaica is a little different  place.  I will have to therefore throw out this theory, as if I was to use it their will be millions of real Jamaica’s.  That is just not an option.

With that said, let me continue to reminisce…. You memba Fat Laces? How about Virgin Bands and studded belts? Wow! What about break dancing.  Beat Street mi seh! Lawks mi coulda really do wid a bruce’s  patty… oh my memba Winifred patties? What ever happen to King Kong’s? and why did I ever think it was cool to wear espadrilles and a pink Jacket.


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10 reasons 2 vote 4 #jablogawards

Just a Quick Post

1> Its gd 4 the environment

2> @inkyja is gr8

3> @Mamachell needs 2 buy plane 2 reach gods earlobe

4>@Jherane_ photos are awe inspiring

5> We all want to go to @JamaicaPegasus

6> Chineyphat will buy you a Guinness if she wins

7> I (@jamaicanZ) want to win someting fi once

8> For number 8 i will just say Cho!

9> @lalewis7 want to see @chineyphat win

Drum Roll pls

10> cn everybody say Blog party, so that we cn all finally B in the same place at the same time

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Cho! #enoughsaid

I feel the need to divert, if just for a moment, from my ultimate goal of finding the real Jamaica. Hmmm let me re-think that.  Being Jamaican is as much about our language as it is about out beaches. Cho man! No problem and all that jazz.  So I woke this morning and the first word outta my mouth was Cho! So I wanted to think about this very word “Cho” has it meaning “a disdainful expletive (1) pshaw! (2) very common, mild explanation expressing impatience, vexation or disappointment. (5) says it’s a “phrase or a term used to express disgust or regret


Now simply has the meaning as (exclamation) Damn!, Shit! Oh well.”.


Guess what I disagree with them all.


“Cho” is so more colourful than that.  “Cho” can be used to express so much more. How about Joy: “Cho! dis ya diet a work, look how mi look fit”.  How about Sadness: ”Cho! mi really miss mi madda”, and my favorite, used twice in a sentence with two different meanings first anger then laugher:

“Cho! di bwoy teif mi Blackberry tru him nuh know seh a really blackcherry. Cho!”


I like saying Cho!, mostly because its helps me to get over the daily crap that fills my day. For example: “Di milk dun. Cho!”; ”Mi find money inna mi pocket Cho!”: “ I forgot to pay my phone bill. Cho!”.   Also “Cho!” can be used in any setting.  Uptown, Downtown, with Mom even with my kids.  I simply love it


Now I’m not afraid to invent ways to use Cho! How about when forget to answer somebody’s e-mail.  I just say Cho!.   How about when forget somebody’s name.  I just say Cho!,  a long time mi nuh see you. Even in sensitive situation like the passing of a loved one.  All you need to say to the person who is bereaved is Cho!


I won’t even bother to get into the other idiosyncrasy of the word “Cho”.  Like is the emphasis on the CH or on the O. What about when you stretch it and say “Choooooo!”. Yo, now that’s when it gets funny


So in closing I will just say Cho!, and you all will know what I mean.


Oh just as a side note it was not easy punctuate this post. Cho!





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Is the real Jamaica still on the Wharf to be cleared?

I will start by saying this.  I love Jamaica.  I have travelled the world and can say this without reservation, Jamaica and Jamaicans are simply the best. I digress and continue on my search for the real Jamaica.

Now this may sound strange but, to me the Christmas Silly season does not start until I have made a trip to Kingston Wharves.  Now my day at the Wharf was fun filled and adventurous.  It began with a call to Shipping Company.  This is where they explained to me that my “goods” had already been cleared and all I needed to do is come down pay my fee and pick up mi tings.  I was shocked. Customer Service in Jamaica, could it really be so.  I headed immediately to their office paid my fees and was handed my paper work.  I then asked the young lady who was taking care of me were my “goods” here at the office.  She laughed and said “Berth 6 for you! Hope you get your goods by 9 tonight, bcuz dats when they close” Just a note. The time at present was 12 midday. Rahtid! Christmas had begun.

I was appropriately attired in Shorts, T-Shirt and a Star in my back pocket (Required reading whilst at the Wharf). So after finding great parking about 15 minutes walks away from the Berth, I arrived amongst the sea of my fellow Jamaicans. Now each time I go the system changes if even slightly. My first encounter was with a “security” who had obviously been out late last night.  So her demeanor was, lets say somewhat aggressive.  I approached her gingerly.  “Good Afternoon Mam.  Would you be kind enough to explain the system to me?”with documents in hand.  Her reply in the finest St. Elizabeth English was “Yo rastaman! Du Nuh badda mi, siddung till mi get to yuh!”  Wow, Christmas is really here, so I just simply smiled and watched as she barked at person after person.  “You tan up an go ova deh so!”; “You nuh hear wah mi seh? Gi mi yuh Documents!”;”Lawks do nuh raise mi pressure”.  I simply love it.

So Jamaica is the place of who knows you, and not of who you know.  So whilst being entertained by mi security fren, I saw a friendly face in the crowd. He came over and uttered the words that everyone at the Wharf wants to hear from somebody with a badge and a fluorescent vest. “Wappen  mi bredda, Cho! Look like you need sum help” . Of Course I need help, I did not want to say at the wharf till nightfall.  Weeeee!!!! I was in the fast lane.  He assisted me to usher past every line, every security. Cho! I even met the Customs Supervisor.  It felt great, I was a VIP.

So just about an hour later I was having my gate passed signed.  I took a moment to look across the sea of Barrels and consider for a moment is this the real Jamaica.  Hmm could it be? Well Let us examine it. The breeze from off the harbor caresses you gently, a bun and cheese with a bag juice is available on demand.  I was surrounded by pure criss cyar, the language being spoken was extraordinary plus service with a smile was there for the taking, you just had to dig for it.  Now the wharf is a really a strong contender for the real Jamaica.  I love it.  It’s a great mix of young hustlers, retired Jamaicans, wig wearers and like me rastamen.  Oh I must say this, if you have not read The Star at the wharf you have not yet lived.

Just another small note, I say this from my heart I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New year.  My Advice to you though is this.  If you come upon an obstacle just say Cho! and walk right around it.


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I found My blog Theme… For now

Well after much contemplation I have finally found a theme for my blog.  Drum roll please…… Where is the real Jamaica?  Hmm well I have always pondered this question.  Is the real Jamaica to be found on the corner of Barry Street and Rum Lane? Is it to be found In Sam Sharpe square? Or is it to be found in the hills of Portland in a little district called Swift River.  Well as it stands, I don’t know either.  So my endeavor is to find out.

So off I go to location number one to find out where the real Jamaica is.  Well I started off with a bang.  The Betty Wright show @ the ligunea club on Saturday 11th of December. Here is where I will be brutally honest.  I had no clue and still don’t have any clue who is Betty Wright.  That’s very bad for a former DJ but a soh it go.  Now lets make it very clear the VIP tickets that we (yes we… she will remain nameless to protect the innocent) used to get into the venue were complimentary.  Now these tickets if purchased would cost $4,500.  So here goes, we arrived into the venue to find that it was not even half full.   Now you how we Jamaica’s can get.  With this said I walked boldly and with confidence towards the front row.  Cho! Mi have on a VIP arm band.  After passing three levels of security, I was finally there, the real Jamaica.  I was in the super VIP section of an exclusive concert with a headliner that I did not even know.  As I looked around and I said nice, what I should have said was sexy.

As my feet were being cushioned by the uptown grass, in the distance I saw couches.  These were provided for the comfort of VIP’s like myself.  I was special.  I was no longer in the land of wood and water; I was now in the land of milk and honey.  Dare I say sexy again?  I needed a drink, so I decided to roll on over to the bar.  To my shock and surprise, it was a cash bar! What, so after a $4,500 ticket price I was expected to pay for drinks? Yes, it was $300 for a Red Stripe in a cup.  Hmm I now thought to myself this could not be the real Jamaica.  We like value for money.  Now let me just add here that I was also expected to pay for food.  So I said to myself, “Don’t give up”, the show must be worth the entrance fee.

Well the artist billed were Hezron, Tessane, Taurus riley, Freddie McGregor and of course Betty Wright. I missed Hezron and Tessane but Taurus mash up di place.  Freddie was stellar as usual.  I found it strange that for the most part everyone remained in their seats for the duration of the show.  Not me.  I was on my feet skanking. I took a moment and surveyed the crowed and came to the instant conclusion that this was not the real Jamaica.  The rest of the story goes like this. I still don’t know who Betty Wright is and ended up in bed early reading. My search continues….

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