Obscure references

29 May

So this week has been a little rough to say the least.  Most of it I cannot share but I will say this, it is with adversity that you know your real friends.  Anyway I digress.

I want to say this I have read the budget in it entirety twice.  I am quite shocked and appauled at it.  To say the least this government seems hell bent on extracting as much money from the Jamaican people as possible.  I really want to ask a question.  When is the JLP gonna wake up and start speaking about the crisis that the PNP is putting us in?  TAX pan tappa TAX. How do we even survive in this economy…. Rum going up, JPS going up, Gas going up… Mi a tell u we Jamaicans love a rass beating… and we take it with a smile. CHO!

As usual on to lighter subjects. I really love to see people that I know try to read me.  Stop it you can never succeed. I have for years decided to shroud myself in an impregnable force field. Straight fyah fi unno!

I must say that overall im happy. Stressed but happy… I am trully blesssed, I have health strenghth and love inna mi life. Thank you to the almighty to for my small blessings.

Finally my list…. this time is will be 5 obscure references and for those who get them yes they were meant for you.

  • MUVICO and IHOP…. Hmmm
  • Sept 27th
  • DKNY
  • Geisha
  • Signature

Enough said… Oh the next post I will refocus and the title of my blog ” Where is the real Jamaica? hmmm maybe a video post

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