Play I some Music!

30 Apr

“Play I some music, strictly reggae music!”

Well I am in the middle of watching the new Bob Marley documentary called “Marley”.  I must say so far I’m a little disappointed. I would have hoped that it would not have been just another documentary. Well it is. I would have hoped for a true movie with a storyline.  It is my opinion that Bob’s life has so many interesting stories interwoven in it that even one, would make for an incredible story.

The one thing I really like about the movie is the vintage footage of Jamaica.  Wow I really live in a beautiful land filled with interesting scenes and more interesting people.  I will though not give a full review of the “movie” I will leave that up to my very capable fellow blogger @mamachell.

On to other things. I find that of recent I am in a militant mood.  I’m not really sure why but I just am. I would not say it is accompanied by much grumpiness but I’m happily militant. The question is why?

I’m not quite sure but I think for the most part it’s the skylarking nature of a few people that I know.  These are serious times we live in.  We should all be banding together to make a difference.  I find that so many people sit and play life like it’s a game of chess.  Always strategizing as to how they can one up the people that surround them.  Why can’t we just live in love? Support each other and make life be nice?

I know that my view on life is one that is not really realistic. However I will maintain it.  I truly believe that people for the most part are good and it is only after time and experience that we get jaded and start to play chess.  Well I will not!  I am who I am, I do what I do and I’m sorry for those who do not like it.  I can be nobody else but myself.  Yes I can be loud and obnoxious, yes I can be quite, yes I can be arrogant, yes I can give too much of myself.  But guess what mi nuh care!

Moving on… list for this blog entitled “what am I doing”:

So here are 8 random things that I’m doing

What am I drinking? Red Headed Slut

What am I eating? Chicken Fried Rice

What am I Reading? My secret life

What am I pondering? Colouring my hair again

What am I using? Android phones

Where am I looking forward to going? Castleton Gardens

Obscure reference? Olivia Munn

What am I surfing? Vintage pictures of Jamaica

Anyway I’m gonna get back to work and also finish watching this movie…. Multi-tasking mi seh. Oh off on the side. Rest in peace Aunt Amy… I will drink a beer for you…. Thanks for the many memories… two words “Hurricane Gilbert.”

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