Lunch anyone?

21 Feb

So I am in a pickle!  I really have a mind fi move go a Portland!  Mi really nuh like town.  Cho!  Anyway I realize that I may have lost my way.  Yes I know, I know.  The whole reason for this blog was to find the real Jamaica. Massa let me tell you something its becoming more and more elusive.

I have found that I am becoming more and more nostalgic about Jamaica and our culture.  I often get into these conversation about “Remember when?” Yes I do remember the light 1 cent coins.  Yes I do remember Wilfred’s patties.  Yes I do remember a true snow cone with lime in it. Yes I do remember Coconut Park.  However let me push that aside for a moment, no matter how tempting.  The question I put to you my “reader” is this.  Do you explore the Jamaica of today?  Have you been on the Bob Marley museum tour?  When last you go downtown and have lunch on the water front?  How about Dunn’s River? Did you know the entrance fee for resident Jamaican is very low?  When last you just bungle up the “family” and tek a Sunday drive to Castleton Gardens?  As we approach lent and we all contemplate what we giving up, I challenge you (and me) to give up farin.  Not only eat Jamaican but be Jamaican.  If it’s a drink its Rum and boom.  If its vegetables its Callaloo. On a Saturday its Hope Zoo with the kids.  If is shopping its princess street. Go this month to a local play.  How about we all make a trip to Hollywell?

As the new Slang goes “A yah so nice!” See you in and around Jamaica for the Lenten season.


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2 responses to “Lunch anyone?

  1. AntoinetteSimone (@BattyMatilda)

    February 25, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Hey I have been absent from the internets long time now, what a delight to check in and find not one but two of your delicious posts. You started my weekend off just right!

  2. madbull

    April 11, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Sounds like a plan. I have been to Dunn’s River recently, but that’s it from your list, but hey, me huh live ah Yard nowadays. I’m passing thru soon tho, so maybe I will try to fit in at least ONE of those things you recommend… Aside from Dunn’s River, I mean, cos I already planned to go back there.


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