Xmas Breeze

22 Dec

Well I sit here and si dat mi sistrin @nyree_ja just posted a new post on her blog  mek sure to check it out.  It got me a thinking.  I have not “posted” in a minute.  So here weeeee gooooooo

Topic: The Approach of Christmas.

Just like the great many Jamaican’s there is nothing better than Christmas in Jamaica. Let me think…. Nope nothing better. What really makes it so great? It’s not one thing, it’s the combination of them all.  In View of this I have compiled 2 top lists for Christmas. One list encompasses what I think are the main ingredients that make Jamaican Christmas simply the best.  Here is list #1 in no particular order

  • Cool breeze blowing through Stony Hill and even is better with the fog.
  • The Christmas trees for sale at mall plaza.
  • Office party after office party.
  • All work comes to  halt on December 17th
  • In one word “Johnkonoo”
  • You are now allowed to mix Appelton Special with Everything.
  • Christmas not being about the shopping but a about family, friends and fun.
  • The only place that I hear Frank Kelly on the Radio.

My second list is all about me… some you may get, some you won’t.  This is a list of simply my best Christmas memories both here and abroad.

  • The almost life size, lit black Santa that was put outside every year.
  • Mama’s Toto.
  • Boxing Day at Mama’s House
  • Caroling at Aunt Audrey every year.
  • Putting together Justin’s first bike on Christmas Eve in the cold
  • Yes I used to eat pork… the best part is the Christmas Cracklin.
  • Two Letters PD
  • Sting 1996
  • Mom’s Yam and cheese
Feel free to share your lists…… link mi on my twitter @jamaicanZ

With that said I must admit that this year will be very very tough for me.  Yes I’m here in Jamaica however all mi kids will be away from me! Wow I had to pause for a moment……. Okay pause over… I will promise you all this….. 2012… we will all be together again.  Who don’t like it, tell mi fram now so di war can begin early!

To my Miss D hold your head up mi soon come fi you…. nd it will be just me and you.  Sport mi ago sport My Miss D… simply the most beautiful, intelligent, funny young lady I know.

In closing I want to say top of the season, not to my friends, cuz you k now I got much love for you.  I want to say top of the season to all the hypocrites, lyaad dem, fren-enemy, information leakas and in general all dip ppl who try fi fight me…. MI still deh Yah…  a special merry Christmas to the one who  a do what you know dat you nuh supposed to a do. You tink mi nuh know…. Seet yah mi know.

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