Bad Mind activated?

16 Aug

Well first I would like to offer my apolgies.  I know I have been missing from the blogging world for some time now.  However i have been reading others (check out my blog roll).  Ayway, for those who have been reading from the start you will know that my original theme was “Where is the real Jamaica and my journey to find it.  That journey still continues, but again I would like to divert for a minute.  Yes I know again.  In the last few weeks lots has been going with @jamaicanZ. (Pronounced JUH-MEY-KUHN ZEE).  At the top of the pile, was that I was able to spend a few weeks with my daughter @daniellex3_ here in Jamaica.  I can say this, she is truly my heart and I thank her for keeping me grounded every day.

On to what is on my mind. Let me declare my hand upfront. For most of my adult life I would be described as what most women would call a “HO”.  My moniker was that all men cheat, and the ones that don’t, just have not had the opportunity to do so.  Generally speaking I still think that this is a true statement.  Now I know some will disagree but you have not seen what I have seen in my few years.  I will not regale these stories here because I want to protect the so called innocent.

The question is now, does that statement apply to me. I will say this with no reservation, that it does not. Yes, yes don’t be shocked.  I am now a reformed man. I will say this; I never really wanted to e a cheater however I was just put in some crazy situations that I could not resist the temptation. What is different now? Well I’m plum tired.  I don’t want to live that lifestyle anymore. I want to be happy, and content with just one person.  Luckily, I am. I have found what I have always been looking for. The funny thing about it is that it was right in front of my eyes for 12 years and I could not see it.  Thank you pretty girl in the yellow swimsuit for not only putting up with me but waiting. I am eternally grateful.

Moving on to the other end of the spectrum.  Bad mind is defined as”A person who holds grudges and repays them. Evil, cold personality, spiteful. I don’t think that this definition goes far enough.  I can tell you this. I in the most recent few weeks I have seen bad mind being activated all around mi.  I tell you it has come from the strangest of places and for the strangest of reasons.  All I can say is dis… activate unno bad mind all unno want cuz mi nuh care unno can’t stop mi. And if yuh tink mi nuh notice I see you clearly… I’m not gonna ask you to tek mi name outta yuh mouth but I will say this: “Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and simple minds talk about other people!”

I digress…. My final conversation piece is oddly coffee. Now let mi ask unno sumting. Why is it I cannot just get a good cup of coffee here in Kingston? Everywhere I go it is mediocre at best.  I need a good couple shots of cafecito with a café con leche on the side… hmmm yummy!

My recommendations this month are:

Undiscovered place:- Muffin Tops @ cinema 2

Do read:- Game of thrones book 1

Do have:- a slushy before the summer ends

Do send:- somebody a hand letter, no not an email, bbm, or IM.

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