Farin to see Miss D

11 Jun

Farin…. Well Its 2:14am and I have finally just got a moment to blog about my recent trip to the US of A.  Let me start with the flight.  Of course I flew the “national airline” Air Jamaica ( @flyairj ).  Now, let me tell you I was crazy disappointed. It’s the small things that count. I know that due to cost cutting measures, food is no longer served on the flights.  I get that. With that said I still look forward to being offered Shirley biscuits or St Mary’s chips ( @stmaryschips ) (both Caribbean products) to my shock and dismay I was served Kraft Ritz bits…… yo support your local manufacture! Cho! Oh lets go off topic for a moment. I carried with me Anthony Winkler’s new book “Crocodile” to read.  The book is great and I full recommend it.

Moving on…. I went to farin for my Daughters ( @daniellex3_ ) high school graduation. Yes, Yes I know I look too young to have a child that is graduating high school. Anyway, I arrived at Ft. Lauderdale airport to the usual harassment, but I just brushed it off because nothing could dampen my mood.  Picked up a rental and I was on my way.  I took the time though to see my boys.  Then within a few hours I was off to Ft Pierce to see my Miss D in a cap and gown.

You should have seen me.  I was dressed sharply, bright yellow jacket and all. Pimping like dat.

I promised my daughter and myself that I would behave.  Within ten minutes of the the start of the ceremony, I was hooting and hollering. My Miss D was graduating, Cho.  Let me tell you something man a badman and as a result mi nuh show emotion, but this was different.  My baby girl was one of what may have been 300 graduates.  They called out each name one by one.  It took forever to get to her, but when they called her name. Wow… yes I got a little, no a lot overwhelmed. Ok I will admit, it tears came to my eyes. I was filled with pride. My baby was no longer a baby.

My Miss D means the world to me.  For those who know me well, you know this. Let me take this forum to say to her, Miss D you are absolutely the best daughter a father could ask for. You have grown into a wonderful young lady. Just the thought of you makes me smile.

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