Define my memory?

15 Apr

So I awoke this morning with a lot on my mind. Excuse my manners Good Morning!  Back to my train of thought, I had a lot on my mind.  I lit a lemon grass candle (@yellowswimsuit don’t judge me) and began to think. I really miss old time Jamaica.  Things like a hot patty with smarties in it.  I miss a rowdy game of scrimmage using a tennis ball. That got me thinking even further. Do you know that there are things that I grew up with that my daughter (@daniellex3_ ) will never know so I have collated a small list and written definitions for each.  I hope you will find them useful.

ICAS:- International Calling Authorisation System.  This was a 10 digit security code given to Jamaica Telephone Company (now LIME) customers.  This code would have to be used prior to making an international call.

King Kong:- This was not the fictional character that terrorized New York City. This is the predecessor to the common bag juice of today. It was basically a Kisko (Ice Pop) on steroids.  It was three times the size and as an extra feature it had a straw on the side. Nice! My favourite flavor was grape.

Winifred Patties:- Now this was an obscure patty.  It was way different from Bruce’s, Tastee’s even Mothers.  It had a flavour of its own.  The pastry was not flakey; well it was kind of chewy.  As for the meat, dark and well seasoned is the only way to put it.  In one word Yummie.

Bata Bouncers:- Now this is a wonderful memory (Sense my sarcasm).  These were crepes (sneakers) that were standard issue for PE. For my younger folks Phys Ed at school. Now here is the kicker when they got dirty, which was everyday.  You had to wash them, but this was not sufficient.  You had to use a bottle of whitener, or what some would call paint, to brush on to the shoe. Raaaeee brand new again.  Just a side note, see the definition for Gator Joggers.

Berec Batteries:- These were Jamaican made batteries.  I think the factory was out there at Twickenham Park.  Now let me make this very clear, these were made during the same time when “Boom Boxes” were all the rage. When you went out and purchased 12 to 16 D sized Berc batteries, it would last only half the day at the beach.  In fact dem would let you dung bad bad. Oh! Another side note, am I the only one that still calls AA batteries, pen-light batteries?

Exterminator:- Just a few words here. This was the prettiest bus (see quarter-million) ever in Jamaica. Not to mention the sound system. Havendale to town would never be the same.

Colour TV:- I will say this; if you are my age you will remember when colour TV came to Jamaica.  Wow what a day that was. Before that in order to get colour TV some of my friends who will remain nameless (right aunty @nyree_ja ) used to use coloured cellophane.

Sunglasses at night :- A la Corey Heart “I wear my sunglasses at night so I can see”

Paradise Plum:- These were the most delicious hard candies ever.  They should have been banned though, due to the tremendous damage they would do to the roof of one’s mouth.

Munch Wagon:- This one is for my Camponites and my liguanea people.  This was a fast food place on the corner of Hope Road and Old Hope Road.  Their burgers were almost as good as King Burger. Again Yummie.

Fat Laces:-  This came out of the break dancing era.  They were multi coloured and came in a myriad of designs.  Now I think about it I really liked my fat laces on my shell toe Adidas.  I just may start to rocking them again.

Virgin Bands:- This was a plastic rubber band usually black, usually wore on the wrist by women. It was made popular by Madonna.  I never really figured out why they called them virgin bands. Another thought just ran across my mind, remember those friendship bands.

Espadrilles:- Now I had a pair of these, actually more than one. These where very uncomfortable, easily broken, prone to staining slipper like shoes that were all the rage. Usually worn in conjunction with pepper seed pants or Bermuda shorts. What a way mi used to sharp!

I could go on and on and on… but I will pause here so that you can add your own.  I really enjoyed my youth.  I’m not saying that it did not have it’s ups and downs, but overall it was great.  I am going to sound like my parents now, however I’m going to say it anyway.  “These pickey nuh know life inna Jamaica! It nuh sweet like when I was growing up.”  In closing I will mention a few more great memories. Unno memba immaculate fete, or Shakeys pizza?  What about bare as u dare in illusions parking lot? What about front line on red hills road? For that matter Stone love at either tropics or House of Leo? And for my ex-Camponites Pagoda Ball.

My my my “Sweet sweet Jamaica nah lef yah!”

oh tonks @yellowswimsuit


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15 responses to “Define my memory?

  1. nyree

    April 15, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    You taking it wayyyyyy back!!! 🙂

    Who remembers Swanks???

  2. battymatilda

    April 15, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    Of course is pen light what else you would call it ?
    I see your berec battery, king kong and shades – not sunglasses and raise you: balet slippers, the tin one cent coin with the hummingbird on it, di blue one dollar bill, and Lovindeer’s wile gilbert bigesst song fo 88

    • JamaicanZ

      April 15, 2011 at 6:16 pm

      Re-raise: with a Fifty Cent Piece, Studded bracelet, a members only Jacket and a wave from the waving gallery at Airport

      • battymatilda

        April 15, 2011 at 8:45 pm

        Spanish Town Banana chips in the Clear bag with the yellow writing, trapper keeper, gators, harbour view drive in, Pantomine at the Ward, della move,and suck suck di original bag juice.

  3. Big D

    August 15, 2011 at 5:12 am

    My donkey jawbone or jackass corn will mash up anything you all have. And after that I’ll dust uno out with my 10 cent asham (spelling?).

    As a little boy coming home from prep school (Spanish town) in the mid 80s, I would regularly spend my taxi fare (40 Cents) on drops, donkey jawbone, asham and the old school 15 cents packet of quench aid (I forgot exactly what they were called, but they had riddles on the back). Mix that with the asham and enjoy the walk home.

    I remember this vividly because me and my best friend did it consistently for 2 years until we moved on and went to separate high school. Talk about daily adventures. Nothing will ever compare to those years. Mother’s Patty was 80 cents (jamaican dollar) back then. And slick chick(en) was still operating. And “computer special” was the girls them choice when it come to quarter millions.

    • JamaicanZ

      August 15, 2011 at 5:45 am

      Dats why I love Jamaica…. The memories and always warm nd fuzzy.

  4. Mark tyrie

    April 11, 2012 at 12:51 am

    I can remember before Munch Wagon.. It was Petes Patties. When I was at peter an Paul

  5. Mark tyrie

    April 11, 2012 at 12:53 am

    How about Creamy Corner Ice Cream. Grapenut was my fav…. and for those along time ago in Northside plaza Videoan (sp) video game arcade just down from Pizza Delite

    • JamaicanZ

      April 30, 2012 at 9:01 pm

      How about game-centre, funforall, Dairy Castle in manor park, Shakey’s pizza and for that matter swanks…

    • JamaicanZ

      April 30, 2012 at 9:02 pm

      I still love Grapenut… but i now give it a touch of di rum to kick it up a notch.

  6. Carey P

    October 7, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    I think it was Wilfred’s patties not winnifreds. I lalso found out years later at an ad agency i worked for in Jamaica that BEREC The British Ever Ready Electrical Company was not Jamaican.
    These are great memories though. I still talk about Kisko and I m yet to find any “sweetie” that can outdo the pink Anancy Sweetie Bar

    • JamaicanZ

      October 7, 2012 at 7:42 pm

      winnifreds was just the way we/I used to pronounce it. I too have found out that many brands that I thought were Jamaican were not. eg: Milo and betty condensed milk

      • Louise

        December 24, 2013 at 9:39 pm

        Who remembers red-red sweetie; Fabrege, kuss-kuss; Jovan and Topaz (in the yellow bottle. Every dresser had one) perfume; goucha pants; New Yorker Pant; Arrow Shirt; Sly Fox jeans; Vicks formula 44; Sutton Stick; Ambi; Noxzema cream, Donkey cart (you can tell I am just laying them out as I remember, and in no special order); Sudsil soap; pony clip; exercise book with times table on back and hummingbird on front; Slate; Mr. Joe reading book; blue (the little square blue bar) for the white clothes; comb clips; pressing comb you heat on the fire; instant polaroid pictures; Craven A (which is not really Jamaican); Nugget shoe polish; genie floor polish; viewmaster; On the sweetie side: Bongo; Samba; Toronto; Bolero; Bobby; ring pop; tattoo bubble gum; double-bubble cartoon gums; ju-ju; icy mint; Acts sweetie; mint ball; tamarind balls; cheers; smarties; round hard gum (there was the big and the small version); chinese sweetie (salty and sweet at the same time); peanut brittle; super-duper sandwiches; ice cream cake; nutty buddy; paper dolls with the paper clothes; Teen Magazine; Right-On magazine; paper hats; paper airplanes; paper boats; aerated water (soda); Vanilla, Chocolate and Cherry malt; Egg nog; long life milk; Nestles malted milk; Stiff starched crochet on the center table; Moony from the Moon; Tommie Trouble: Children’s Own; Plastic shoes; Gig, Kite; coconut brush; kerosene oil stove; home-sweet-home kerosene lamp; Yo-yo; Peter Red and Peter Blue cigarettes; string craft with the nails and the crochet thread; pure petroleum jelly in the flat round metal can; big gil oil; Manual type writers; Top Cat; Killer and Diller; Batfink; Atom Ant; Underdog; Super friends; Captain Marvel; Ruff and Reddy; Grape Ape; Mumbly; crocus bag race, hand cart; McVitie Biscuits – Rich Tea and Rich Maria biscuits; Shirley biscuit; Pond beauty cream; Old Spice; Brut and Big Wheel splash/cologne; soap on a rope; Sling Shots; Electronic Wizard Merlin game; Mill & Boon, Harlequin, Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton, and Hardy Boys books; Milk Lunch biscuits; lunch pans; hop scotch; hostess cakes; Wonder Bread; Cloth nappies (diapers) with the big pins; plastic panties to go over them; chemise shirts; Metal chamber pot (chimmey); J.O.S bus; old time toilet with the long neck tank and the pull string flush; Hush puppies; Morris Oxford and Austing Cambridge cars; Lada/Fiat; Pugeot; and Capri cars; Disco shirt and disco belts; ballet shoes; Bay rum and Kananga water; Worm Syrup, and sulpur bitters once a month; cod live oil daily; cerasee, mint or fever grass tea; the real chocolate (from the mortar) tea; ever-ready battery; Ribena; Andrews; Panadol, Cafenol; Phensic; dragon stout; Par-Avion air mail envelope; magic (water) painting (a kinda coloring book where all you use is a paintbrush with water and the colors come alive); enamel basin to bather the baby, and the matching while enamel pail to soak the nappies; enamel mug, plate and soup bowl; zinc washpan to do the whole family’s laundry; days worker; Free-Zone workers; transistor radio; full slip; table style sewing machine; chiney-bump; juke box; sponge hair “setters;” break-front; settee;

      • JamaicanZ

        March 6, 2014 at 7:04 pm

        Rahtid….. yuh membarance good

  7. Colin Tyrie

    May 22, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    Can you remember the Mule drawn Bread Carts and the Mule drawn Milk Cart? The Fish Man walking and shouting out what type of Fish he had, The Ginger Sugar Man on his bicycle shouting out “lapaduro” and last but not least the Dog Catchers who would take your dog away if he or she was unattended. Oh, for the days when we would climb the neighbours mango trees and feast on their sweet offerings. If I could only turn back time 75 years. Colin Tyrie.


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