Ash Wednesday

10 Mar

So the Lenten season has begun and every puss, rat and dawg a talk bout a wah dem a give up!  Hmmm no comment.  I must say this, the season started with a bang!  Mom, Dad and I took a drive to the country.  Now anybody who knows me very well that I have four true loves: My Kids, My parents and Portland.  Yes I can count.

So Ash Wednesday, we rolled out from Stony Hill at about 10:30ish.  Nice drive, no Babylon and very little traffic. First stop was at Cutter’s Bar just outside Buff Bay, Portland to hail him up.  After a quick conversation we moved on to our next destination, which only a few miles up the road, Orange Bay.

Now the family has a small plot of beachside land that we went to check on.  Now I’m not a beach kinda guy but I must say if I had to choose I would say the black sand beach beaches in Portland are the most beautiful in the island. Pristine, tranquil yet filled with energy.  The sea breeze was so fresh and crisp. Their was no denying it, we were no longer in Kingston.

My fingers are so excited that I have to skip ahead. Just about 3 hours after we made all our stops and made sure to check in on mama we arrived in simply the most peaceful place in all of Jamaica.  It’s a little riverside town called Chelsea. Now please to keep this a secret, Shhhh *finger on mouth. I don’t want too many people a over run di place.  Now for a little background.  My family (my mothers side) is from a place called Swift River.  Now Swift River is probably 3 miles down the road. I simply love it in Chelsea  1 bar, 1 cook shop, 1 shop.  If your really nice to me I will take you there, but you may never leave. You know what I will just shut up and tell you to go my flickr account ( and see for yourself and let me know.

I think this is a very promising candidate or the real Jamaica. Hmmmm you know what mi ago have a BBQ…. No a fish fry! In the summer so watch out for it.

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