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28 Feb

Well back to the topic at hand. Where is the real Jamaica.  For this post I ask you to ponder this,  Is the real  Jamaica truly a place or is it a state of mind?  Maybe I’m just getting “ole” but  I seem to always be having the conversation with my friends and associates about old time Jamaica. You know how it starts. “Yo yuh memba roller stating at Skateland in Half-way-tree?” (Am I dating myself?) And off we go, talking about anything from Paradise Plums to toy truck’s made out of empty box juice cartons.  I love these conversations, as I have become very nostalgic.  I truly enjoyed my youth in Jamaica.

So here is my point.  Is the real Jamaica in our mind?  Or to put it another way, Is the real Jamaica in our memories?  Now there is strong evidence to prove this.  As we all get older we tend to look at the past as the good old days.  We say “Dem pickney nuh know Jamaica!” Then we give the list “Dem nuh know bout Millsborough, or Paddington Terrace.  Dem know bout $25 drink all night? Dem nuh know when independence inna ochi was Independence inna Ochi!”; “A wonda if dem eva even  know wat a gas riot look like?”  I could go on and on, but I wont, unno know what I mean.

Now let me ponder for a minute (tick, tock, tick, tock).  Jamaica in my mind is a real place, but only in my mind.  Cuz in each of our minds, Jamaica is a little different  place.  I will have to therefore throw out this theory, as if I was to use it their will be millions of real Jamaica’s.  That is just not an option.

With that said, let me continue to reminisce…. You memba Fat Laces? How about Virgin Bands and studded belts? Wow! What about break dancing.  Beat Street mi seh! Lawks mi coulda really do wid a bruce’s  patty… oh my memba Winifred patties? What ever happen to King Kong’s? and why did I ever think it was cool to wear espadrilles and a pink Jacket.


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