Dem negative ehh!

15 Feb

Don’t bring me down.  After what I like to refer to as  “Jamaica blogger gate” I kinda lost my vim and vitality for blogging.   With the perusal of more and more blog’s I must say it did not help me to get back that vim that I had previously had.  The reason for this is, di damn whining. STOP IT! So many of our blogs are filled with complaints. Di rum dun, Mi man lef mi, Di rain a fall, I have had a terrible life, Jamaica mash-up, mi dawg dead and list goes on and on. So many of dem sound like country and western songs

Now let me tell unno dis.  I har don’t like the negativity.  Jamaica nice nuh rahtid! As I type this new blog entry i’m taken aback with Jamaicas beauty.  There is a light rain which is being blown gently by a winter breeze.  There is no A/C needed.  On my computer is the Manatt affair live (Jamaica Soap Opera); Tweetdeck and yahoo messenger.

Now where else in the world can you get this eclectic mix,  I love it.  Just as a side note I moved back to Jamaica three years ago, a decision that I have never regretted.  I love this little spit of an island called Jamaica.  Hence my search for the real Jamaica. Now let me ramble for a quick minute.  Our mind has a funny little way of lessening the sharpness of bad memories and enhancing good memories.  I will tell you a little story. (One of my favorite memories of Jamaica)

When I was about lets say 14 I had to take the bus home.  Now for those of familiar with the topography of Kingstion, I went to Campion College and lived in stony hill.  So that is two buses and a two mile walk. Now di rain was a tear.  The two bus rides took way much longer than it should have.  However I reached stony hill square at about 4:30pm.  A deh so the rain was a drop!  I had no time to delay and seek shelter.  So I started along my two mile journey.  The felt like the rain was coming from the top and the bottom.  The drops were those big fat country rain drops. Wet and cold.


For the first time in my live I paused………………………….. looked around…………………..and yes burst into song. “I’m Singing in the rain, singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling im happy again.” Since then I have never used an umbrella.  The lesson here is live life and sing like your in a musical.  I love Jamaica and everything about it.  In parting I will say this though, don’t worry as I will be the last to leave Jamaica.  I will turn off the lights and lock to door if I leave. Because I know nobody will be left here. I love you Jamaica.


Oh hello yellow swim suit thank you for being you.


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One response to “Dem negative ehh!

  1. Donna

    February 15, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    Love it! You are so right. We focus on all the negative and lose focus on what is truly important. It’s refreshing to see someone whose glass is not just half full, but full to the brim!


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