Swift River?

05 Jan

Well the holidays are over. It was a pretty darn good year as holidays go. HOLD IT, I must stop this blog post to say that I am extremely disappointed at the fact that me and my blog did not make it to round two of the Jamaica blog awards. Big up to all those who made it. However that does not change my disappointment. With that said I will move on.  Where was I, Oh the holiday season.  Yes it was pretty darn good.  It was the usual stuff caroling at my aunt, mimosa at my other aunt, dinner with Mom, food, food and more food. Now lets not lose focus, I’m on the search for the real Jamaica.

I think I have found it.  I will start by saying this every year and I do mean every year on Boxing Day I go to my grandmother’s home in Swift River, Portland.  Now I am very biased as Swift River is my country. Swift River is the country part of Country. No internet, very little Cell service, NWC water a wah dat. Now picture this, a small cottage on the hill with a stream in the back yard.  In the front yard is the tangerine tree that I fell out of as child. Now that is the destination.  I love country and my country people. With that said it’s the little things that make me smile whilst in country.

One of those things is sipping Chocolate tea while over looking the mist on the Blue Mountains.

View while sipping Tea

My my what a site to see. Now for those who are “un-educated” anything hot that you drink in the morning is considered tea.  Coffee Tea, Milo Tea, Mint Tea, Ginger Tea and my favorite Chocolate Tea.  I’m not referring to Milo Tea, which is our version of Hot Chocolate.  But true Jamaican chocolate tea with dat likkle bit a oil sitting on top…. Yummy.

This is where I will have to admit that most Jamaicans, in my generation, do not know country.  Frankly we don’t appreciate it either. When was the last time you went to country, your country? Not Negril for independence weekend.  Not Mobay for Jazz and Blues but your country. We all have a country part of Jamaica that we come from.  I will say this without reservation. “Nobady nuh come fram Kingston, suh nuh fool yuhself!”. Now to me, my country is paradise; however I’m not searching for paradise I am searching for the real Jamaica. So to answer my question, nope it’s not the real Jamaica. It is my Country! My search continues



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2 responses to “Swift River?

  1. Donna

    January 5, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    Very nice. Vivid description. All I needed was my tea.

  2. inkyja

    January 5, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    It really is a beautiful piece of Jamaica and thanks for sharing it with us. We talked about it for days.

    I wish I was sitting with my feet in the river right now.


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