Cho! #enoughsaid

22 Dec

I feel the need to divert, if just for a moment, from my ultimate goal of finding the real Jamaica. Hmmm let me re-think that.  Being Jamaican is as much about our language as it is about out beaches. Cho man! No problem and all that jazz.  So I woke this morning and the first word outta my mouth was Cho! So I wanted to think about this very word “Cho” has it meaning “a disdainful expletive (1) pshaw! (2) very common, mild explanation expressing impatience, vexation or disappointment. (5) says it’s a “phrase or a term used to express disgust or regret


Now simply has the meaning as (exclamation) Damn!, Shit! Oh well.”.


Guess what I disagree with them all.


“Cho” is so more colourful than that.  “Cho” can be used to express so much more. How about Joy: “Cho! dis ya diet a work, look how mi look fit”.  How about Sadness: ”Cho! mi really miss mi madda”, and my favorite, used twice in a sentence with two different meanings first anger then laugher:

“Cho! di bwoy teif mi Blackberry tru him nuh know seh a really blackcherry. Cho!”


I like saying Cho!, mostly because its helps me to get over the daily crap that fills my day. For example: “Di milk dun. Cho!”; ”Mi find money inna mi pocket Cho!”: “ I forgot to pay my phone bill. Cho!”.   Also “Cho!” can be used in any setting.  Uptown, Downtown, with Mom even with my kids.  I simply love it


Now I’m not afraid to invent ways to use Cho! How about when forget to answer somebody’s e-mail.  I just say Cho!.   How about when forget somebody’s name.  I just say Cho!,  a long time mi nuh see you. Even in sensitive situation like the passing of a loved one.  All you need to say to the person who is bereaved is Cho!


I won’t even bother to get into the other idiosyncrasy of the word “Cho”.  Like is the emphasis on the CH or on the O. What about when you stretch it and say “Choooooo!”. Yo, now that’s when it gets funny


So in closing I will just say Cho!, and you all will know what I mean.


Oh just as a side note it was not easy punctuate this post. Cho!





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Posted by on December 22, 2010 in Event


One response to “Cho! #enoughsaid

  1. Inkyja

    December 22, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    This Bad, this is my favourite post so far. You know I learnt the power of the Cho! Cho is my new “religion”. I look forward to bigger and better things. Cho


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