I found My blog Theme… For now

13 Dec

Well after much contemplation I have finally found a theme for my blog.  Drum roll please…… Where is the real Jamaica?  Hmm well I have always pondered this question.  Is the real Jamaica to be found on the corner of Barry Street and Rum Lane? Is it to be found In Sam Sharpe square? Or is it to be found in the hills of Portland in a little district called Swift River.  Well as it stands, I don’t know either.  So my endeavor is to find out.

So off I go to location number one to find out where the real Jamaica is.  Well I started off with a bang.  The Betty Wright show @ the ligunea club on Saturday 11th of December. Here is where I will be brutally honest.  I had no clue and still don’t have any clue who is Betty Wright.  That’s very bad for a former DJ but a soh it go.  Now lets make it very clear the VIP tickets that we (yes we… she will remain nameless to protect the innocent) used to get into the venue were complimentary.  Now these tickets if purchased would cost $4,500.  So here goes, we arrived into the venue to find that it was not even half full.   Now you how we Jamaica’s can get.  With this said I walked boldly and with confidence towards the front row.  Cho! Mi have on a VIP arm band.  After passing three levels of security, I was finally there, the real Jamaica.  I was in the super VIP section of an exclusive concert with a headliner that I did not even know.  As I looked around and I said nice, what I should have said was sexy.

As my feet were being cushioned by the uptown grass, in the distance I saw couches.  These were provided for the comfort of VIP’s like myself.  I was special.  I was no longer in the land of wood and water; I was now in the land of milk and honey.  Dare I say sexy again?  I needed a drink, so I decided to roll on over to the bar.  To my shock and surprise, it was a cash bar! What, so after a $4,500 ticket price I was expected to pay for drinks? Yes, it was $300 for a Red Stripe in a cup.  Hmm I now thought to myself this could not be the real Jamaica.  We like value for money.  Now let me just add here that I was also expected to pay for food.  So I said to myself, “Don’t give up”, the show must be worth the entrance fee.

Well the artist billed were Hezron, Tessane, Taurus riley, Freddie McGregor and of course Betty Wright. I missed Hezron and Tessane but Taurus mash up di place.  Freddie was stellar as usual.  I found it strange that for the most part everyone remained in their seats for the duration of the show.  Not me.  I was on my feet skanking. I took a moment and surveyed the crowed and came to the instant conclusion that this was not the real Jamaica.  The rest of the story goes like this. I still don’t know who Betty Wright is and ended up in bed early reading. My search continues….

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One response to “I found My blog Theme… For now

  1. inkyja

    December 14, 2010 at 1:07 am

    You inspired me to write, so I am happy to hear I inspired you. Looking forward to getting to know more about you and Jamaica at the same time.


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